Rosalie Catalano

Rosalie loves to write, proof, and edit. Errors jump off the page at her—which she says is both a blessing and a curse. Although she chooses to see it as the former, many who are ‘victims’ of her natural ability may sometimes view it as the latter. Case in point: a colleague gave her a mug that reads “I am silently correcting your grammar!”

Rosalie’s love of words began at an early age. Her dad insisted that she look up words in the dictionary rather than give her the meaning. And, her long relationship with words extends into her leisure time as she enjoys solving crossword puzzles and playing Scrabble against the computer.

She is a quick study, with the ability to relatively quickly edit and improve others’ writing. She prides herself at getting across the point(s) the client intends. And, if the client isn’t able to easily communicate that to her, she will ask relevant questions, listen carefully, and help them figure it out.

I’ve Always Wanted To: Learn To Paint

Can’t Live Without: Chocolate

Favorite Country To Visit: Italy

My Favorite Movie Is: Heavy one-Gladiator; light one-An American President

My Favorite Poet: Emily Dickinson

My Favorite Color: Orange

I’m Thankful For: Health