Four Steps to Creating Your Wedding Stationery Suite

It may only be words on paper, but your wedding invitation is what sets the tone for your celebration. To get you started on putting together your stationery suite, we broke down the basics, from figuring out what you can spend to placing your order.


Once you establish your budget, you can stay focused while you shop, it will be easier to focus on what you like while remaining within your designated price range. On average, stationery costs account for about 5 percent of the overall wedding budget. Please keep in mind that costs may vary, but 5 percent is a small price to pay for one of the most crucial details of your wedding.


Your wedding invitation is the one thing that each of your guests is guaranteed to see. Since your wedding suite is seen so early on, it sets the tone for your entire event. With that being said, allow the venue to guide your design choices. For example, if your wedding is taking place in an upscale hotel, why not incorporate modern, elegant details into your stationery.


The printing style is imperative to the overall budget and design of your wedding invitation suite. This is how Martha Stewart Weddings describes the most popular style:


“Blocks of metal with raised type are inked and pressed onto paper, leaving deep impressions on the surface. Creative types love this pricey technique for its hand-done, one-of-a-kind effect.


“A design is etched onto a copper plate and filled with ink. When a heavy weight pushes paper onto it, crisp, raised type is formed. One of the oldest methods (and often the most expensive), it’s still the gold standard for black-tie affairs.”


“Raised letters are created by applying ink to paper, dusting it with a resinous powder, then heating the mix. If you want a look similar to engraving at about half the cost, this simpler process is a good choice.”


“A catch-all term for offset and digital techniques, this inexpensive, informal, and very flexible method produces stationery that’s smooth to the touch, with no raised or recessed type.”


It is recommended that you submit your final order at least six months before your wedding. This allows ample time for your suite to be produced, addressed, and mailed. Also, this time gives your guests a window to respond. We also suggest that you order at least 10% more than the number of guests in case your list fluctuates. If you have extra pieces, then they will make for excellent keepsakes.

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