As our creative designer Maria Gossard likes to remind us, the word “calligraphy” comes from the Greek “calligraphia” meaning “written words.” And, why not since she was born and raised on the island Republic of Cyprus which is culturally Greek. Calligraphy is undergoing a modern resurgence. One reason may be that the cognitive benefits of writing in cursive are being discovered by researchers. London-based calligrapher Paul Antonio even suggests that cursive writing offers “an altered state of consciousness.” We offer both handwritten and digital calligraphy, either of which can provide an elegant polished look.

Perhaps the most obvious use of calligraphy is in addressing wedding invitations—printed labels are never appropriate! And, another special way to apply our calligraphy skills is with wedding vows, which have a rich and long history and tradition. Wedding photographs are cherished and safely kept for generations. Vows— arguably the most important sentiments the bride and groom may ever write and speak as they promise their love and lifetime to each other—deserve the same attention. Preserve yours by allowing us to apply our calligraphy skills to prepare them for you (our writer-in-residence can help if writing is not your forte) and present them to you in your choice of a beautifully crafted handmade vow book. Our selection of vow books, made by talented women in the U.S.A., includes soft white silk (or other color to match your palette) and durable leather that will develop a patina over time. Maybe you would like your wedding program to include your love story (again, helped by our writer-in-residence) in a calligraphic font of your choice. Choose from modern, Victorian, Renaissance, and other styles that complement your invitation. We even create bespoke fonts that you can use throughout your wedding suite. To finish off your suite with those extra special little details, let us show you our custom return address stamps and wax seals. Our hand calligraphy is $1 per line and our digital calligraphy is 50c per address.

You don’t have to be getting married to take advantage of calligraphy. It’s perfect for any formal invitation, announcement, or special sentiments you want to commit to paper. So, consider calligraphy for your special dinner or holiday party, corporate event, birth announcement, or celebration of life. For any special event that calls for a seating chart, let us apply names on acrylic or other medium using digital calligraphy. Or, consider silkscreened tee-shirts (for the wedding party, clients, family, and more). Digital calligraphy is quick and affordable and looks great.

Show your attention to detail without the hassle…let us help.


 Ian Savage

We were highly pleased with the results of our last project handled by Think Printing and Maria Gossard Designs. Maria was able to convey our thoughts onto paper perfectly!